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Top Ten Tips for Saving Money on Car Care

untitled21As Californians, and especially as San Luis Obispans―where getting from here to there involves driving our cars much more often than riding public transportation―we’re having to get smarter about cutting costs. Studies conducted by auto industry researchers and reported in the Wall Street Journal show that people are keeping their current cars longer; and that being more vigilant about caring for them can result in significant savings. Submitted for your driving pleasure are ten suggestions to help “drive” down the cost of driving.

1)    Keep your current vehicle longer, versus trading it in for the latest model. This also saves on DMV registration and insurance costs!
2)    Keep your current vehicles in top shape by having them serviced regularly at a trusted repair shop.
3)    Service your car at an independent repair shop. Studies show that repairs can cost an average of 34% more at the dealership than they do at independent repair shops.
4)    Find a reputable auto repair shop and stick with it. Establishing a long term relationship with your mechanic means they know your car’s history, its idiosyncrasies, its most urgent needs.
5)    Have them check fluid levels. Keeping fluids topped off can mean the difference between a $50 oil change and a $5000 engine overhaul.
6)    Did you know that a loose gas cap allows fuel to evaporate? And that dirty or substandard engine oil increases internal engine friction?
7)    Driving on under-inflated tires is like driving with the parking brake on! Have your tires checked often and rotated every 3,000 miles.
8)    Dirty air filters waste gas and cause the engine to lose power. Replace at least once a year. More often if you frequently drive on dirt roads or in stop-and-go traffic.
9)    Worn spark plugs cause inefficient combustion, wasting fuel. Have them checked during regular maintenance visits.
10)    Worn oxygen sensor can cause the engine to run poorly, decreasing fuel efficiency.

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